Ekam - Son of Soil
Released: April 23, 2010

A dashing guy Ekam returns back from Australia, willing to live with his family but feel uncomfortable living with his step mother, Sheelam and step brother, Monty. But his father, Jagmeet Singh always wanted that they all should live together. Whereas, Ekam feel annoyed and he always miss his real mother in his dreams.

Then Ekam comer close to a girl Navneet, and they discuss to live their life as partners, they love each other. Jagmeet Singh wanted to live Ekam here forever. Whenever Jagmeet visits his native village, he takes Ekam along with him. While try hard to live all family members live together, Jagmeet Singh died.

Then, Ekam moves to his native village to fulfil his father’s wish. Here he face the big issues, that’s the Ekam, Son of Soil.

Hashar.... A Love Story
Released: 2008
Hashar is a story of today's young generation who without true feelings of love, get together and later due to misunderstandings there life becomes tumultulous.

Set is university campus, it highlight the fact that when supported by politicians for their benefits, student politics can take an ugly turn and can create havoc in the personal life of students.

The story is all about love, passion, hatred and romance and above all this fiction is more than reality.
Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean
Released :8 June 2003
"Hawayein-Winds Change But The Scars Of History Remain" is a film which emerges from the consequences of the Operation Blue Star & is based on the aftermath of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the nationwide 1984 Anti-Sikh riots & the subsequent victimization of the people in Punjab (India) in the years that followed. This film depicts real life events & most of the situations shown in this film are authentic seen through the eyes of the central protagonist ‘Sarabjit’. It is the story of his journey from innocence to disillusionment, from being a simple, romantic, music loving student, to becoming one of the "most wanted terrorists" in the country. The Indian Government called them terrorists but many call them martyrs. This film is an honest exploration of the reasons which led to the angst of the youth of Punjab & the turmoils suffered by their families.
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